Mosul Road, 88km is a work seeking to make evident the cultures, situations, and people, not through individual moments and stories, but through presenting a full picture of what it means to really be in this part of Iraq. Through a single collaged panoramic image of the 88kms between Erbil and Al Nuri Mosque, thereby connecting the closest major city to avoid capture by ISIS with the center of ISIS Caliphate, you see that people carry on, seemingly unphased at times, in their destroyed neighborhoods. The juxtaposition of normal life in a place of chaos seems impossible, but it is a familiar reality here.

Mosul Road 88km seeks to reference Ed Ruscha’s Sunset Strip while layering cultural atrocity, preconceived notions of regions, and personal subjectivity in a land ravaged by my own country. This work attempts to show that being in a war zone does not always mean being in war and that normalcy continues next to horror.

A Work in Progress FLAT 2.jpg