Ongoing call for participants

I have been orchestrating an ongoing project of images taken by strangers on disposable cameras for a few years now and am once again in need of more eyes and more images!

The goal of the project: To create an archive of anonymous lives from around the world.

How it works: You pick up a disposable camera or a roll of film if you already have a camera  and take pictures of absolutely anything you want: from travels to partners, selfies to friends nights out. Nothing is too mundane or too extreme- it is simply to document 'a day/ week in the life' of you.

If you already have a completed roll of film and its been sitting in a drawer for years waiting to be developed Im down to take that off your hands

You do not need to be an artist or photographer to participate.

You will then mail the camera back to my studio to a provided address.

What will happen with the images? Your images will be added to an archive of thousands of images from other anonymous people.  These will, in time, be published in some form- exhibition, book, online platform. This will be decided at the completion of the work.